Police Increase Drink-Drive Patrols During World Cup

Police forces throughout the country are conducting drink-drive patrols during the World Cup and lead up to Christmas…

Police Drink-Drive Patrols

Police forces throughout the UK will be ramping up the number of drink-drive patrols they conduct during the World Cup. Road safety and enforcement initiatives usually begin in December, during the build-up towards the festive period. Because of football-related socialising and drinking, however, they’ve begun earlier this year.

Whilst drink-driving has declined considerably over the years, around 200 people are still killed each year as a result of people taking to the wheel whilst above the limit. Incidents also tend to rise during sporting events. For instance, 830 drink-drive casualties took place during World Cup-related events in July 2018; beating the traditionally highest month of August. December, then, with both Christmas festivities and the World Cup, could see figures rise considerably.

‘Wholly Irresponsible’

Rebecca Guy, road safety manager for England at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, commented on the impact sport has on drink-driving. She said, “a major highlight of most sporting fan’s calendars is the World Cup, and we understand many people in the UK will be excited to get together with friends and family to cheer on their home nation. That said, driving home from an event after drinking is wholly irresponsible. Therefore, always consider the method in which you will be returning home when you’ve been drinking, such as a designated driver or a taxi”.

She continued, “with that in mind, it’s also prudent to mention that during this time of year driving can also be more challenging. Dark, and wet nights can make any journey more difficult – pedestrian and cyclists are particularly vulnerable at this time of year. Therefore, if journeying at night, always be extra cautious of those around you”.

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