Pothole-Related Breakdowns Are At A Three-Year High

According to data from the RAC, the number of breakdowns caused by potholes and poor road conditions is at a three-year high…

Pothole-Related breakdowns at Three-Year High 

The RAC has revealed that it received a whopping 10,000 callouts in 2021 for pothole-related breakdowns. For perspective, that’s the equivalent of 27 callouts day and represents the most recorded since 2018. The motoring organisation has released the figures to coincide with  National Pothole Day 2022; which is designed to raise awareness around the state of the nation’s roads.

But what sort of damage are potholes causing? Most of the callouts concerned damage to suspension systems, shock absorbers and wheels. Overall, potholes were responsible for 1.5% of all of the callouts received by the RAC last year; 10% more than in 2020.

Road Rot 

Nicholas Lyes, the RAC’s head of roads policy, has called the state of the UK’s road network ‘ridiculous’. He said, “the rot appears to have well and truly set in when it comes to the country’s roads, with our patrols going out to vast numbers of drivers who, through no fault of their own, are breaking down because of the wear-and-tear caused by potholes”.

He added, “this is ridiculous because it is almost entirely avoidable if roads were maintained properly. With drivers contributing so much in terms of tax to the Government, the very least they deserve are roads that are fit for purpose”.

Lyes has called on the government to think of new ways to tackle the problem. In particular, he highlighted how ‘ring-fencing’ could help secure funds for repairs. It ensures that a fixed amount of money is always reserved for making repairs.

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