Private Car Park PCNs Will Be Capped At £50

In a move to protect drivers from private parking firms, the government intends to cap privately issued PCNs at £50…

Private PCNs to be Capped

New rules being issued by the government will force private parking firms to cap their issued PCNs at £50. The so-called Parking Code of Practice, being prepared by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, was brought into law back in 2019. However, the government has been finalising the details of the code. In addition to PCNs being capped, parking debt collectors will also be prevented from charging additional fees when the payment is delayed.

The changes will apply to all car parks throughout England and Wales, barring London. Many motorists will also be delighted to hear that the new rules entail a ten-minute grace period; meaning that, should they return to their vehicles slightly late, car park operators can’t immediately issue PCNs. There will also be a five-minute ‘cooling off’ period. This will allow drivers to enter a car park, consider the terms and charges, and leave if they aren’t happy with them; without paying a penny.

Regulation at Last? 

Nicholas Lyes, speaking for the RAC, welcomed the new rules. He said they’ll “undoubtedly improve the experiences for drivers; and create a much more level playing field, reducing hassle and stress while at the same time forcing rogue operators to clean up their acts”.

He added, “since clamping was banned on private land, there has been a shift to ticketing instead, with the number of parking charge notices being issued rising year-on-year at alarming levels. While some of these are justified, others are not and sadly in many cases drivers simply pay up in fear of the consequences, particularly given that follow-up letters can use threatening and intimidating language. RAC research found that nearly three-quarters of drivers wanted the sector to be brought under some form of regulation”.

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