RAC: Pothole-Related Callouts Reach 15 Year High

According to figures compiled by the RAC, the number of pothole-related callouts is at a fifteen-year high…

Pothole Callouts at Fifteen-Year High 

Over the course of the third-quarter 2021, the RAC dealt with the largest proportion of pothole-related callouts since 2006. It attended 1,810 incidents involving distorted wheels, damaged shock-absorbers and broken suspension systems; making up 1.2% of its total callouts. Typically, July to September is a relatively quiet period for the organisation.

The results come not long after the RAC published its Report on Motoring survey. Its results showed significant levels of dissatisfaction with the state of the nation’s roads. For instance, 46% of respondents said they were concerned about the state of local roads – up from 38% in the previous year.

Little Progress 

Nicholas Lyes, the RAC’s head of roads policy, lamented the lack of progress made over the last twelve months in dealing with potholes. He said, “with government data showing weekday car traffic is still not quite back to pre-pandemic levels it’s very worrying that our patrols are still attending a higher proportion of pothole-related call-outs in relation to all the breakdowns they go out to”. He continued, “while it’s welcome that the sheer number of pothole breakdowns is not as high as we’ve seen in previous years, we see worrying signs in our data that implies little progress has been made in the last 12 months in improving road surfaces for drivers”.

The RAC has called on the government to devise new ways of funding local road repairs. One suggestion involves ring-fencing funds for five-year periods. It’s also suggested that preventing potholes from forming is better than simply attempting to fix them as and when they emerge.

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