Regular Car Checks Every Driver Should Be Making

Ensuring our vehicles are fit to be on the road network is extremely important. Fortunately, a few basic car checks can make all the difference. Here’s what to keep an eye on…


Car batteries are temperamental things, and benefit from regular checks. They’re also particularly sensitive to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold; and generally experience problems in the winter and height of summer.

Consider investing in a car battery tester. These can show you what the voltage is. It should usually be around 12 – 13 volts, but check your owner’s manual for precise details. You should also look out for any sign of leaks, rust or corrosion.


A vehicle’s tyres will face a lot of wear in the long-term, regardless of how often they’re used. You should conduct a few checks every two weeks or so; looking for signs of bulging or sidewall damage. You’ll also want to regularly check that they have the correct air pressures. You’ll also need to ensure that they have 1.6mm of tread depth although, in most cases, you’re advised to avoid falling this low.


Lights aren’t, generally speaking, a priority during the summer months (unless you’re driving very late at night, or early in the morning). Nevertheless, you should conduct a few checks to ensure they’re functioning properly. Make sure they’re free of damage, such as scratches or broken surfaces; and give them a good clean to ensure maximum visibility. Ask a friend to inspect your brake lights, too.


All cars make use of the likes of water, screenwash and oil and it’s important that you keep an eye on the amounts yours has. Too little screenwash could leave you in a spot of bother if your windscreen visibility is low. If your car’s oil is too low, your engine could overheat and face catastrophic damage.

Mirrors and Seating 

Mirrors aren’t particularly useful unless they provide you with a good field of view. Before setting off on long journeys, make sure yours are properly positioned. If you often tuck your car’s side mirrors in, they may move – keep this in mind. You should also ensure that the positioning of your seat and steering wheel are comfortable and give you good control of the vehicle.

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