Road Rage: Here’s How To Stay Calm Whilst Driving

Most of us suffer from road rage from time to time. Unfortunately, it can seriously affect our judgement and, therefore, our safety. Here’s how to remain calm whilst driving…

Give Yourself Plenty of Time 

Road rage is often a product of stress. One way to feel stressed whilst driving is to find yourself running late; especially when commuting to work or attempting to make an appointment. It makes sense, then, to give yourself plenty of time – that way you won’t be as frustrated should you be delayed.

Never Try To Get Even 

If an aggressive or dangerous driver inconveniences you, such as by tailgating or rapidly overtaking you, you should resist the urge to retaliate. This can simply escalate the situation further, as well as putting you and other road-users at risk. Crucially, you have no idea who you’re dealing with or how far they’ll go. Let them go, it’s likely their driving will land them with consequences in time.

Own Up To Mistakes 

No driver, no matter how experienced, is perfect – we all make mistakes when behind the wheel. One way to avoid experiencing road rage, or that of other people, is simply to own up to your mistakes and to apologise. Whilst ‘sorry’ may be the hardest word, it’s a lot better than a heated, or even violent, confrontation with a complete stranger.

Don’t Jump The Queue 

Many drivers obey the Highway Code and, naturally, get upset when others don’t. Jumping queues is a sure why to attract the ire of your fellow motorists. So, get in line and wait for your turn. Conversely, if someone should attempt to get in front of you, don’t sound your horn or gesticulate etc.

Avoid Trouble

It may well be that, even if you drive responsibility, you attract the attention of a road rage-prone driver. Should this happen, don’t retaliate. When you feel threatened, wind up your windows and lock your car. If you’re followed, try to drive to the nearest police station or a busy and public area; petrol stations or fast food restaurants come to mind. You might also consider sounding your horn to draw attention to the situation.

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