Road Trip: Five Reasons You Should Take One Instead Of Flying

No one can deny that flying is comfortable and efficient. But nothing beats the thrill of the open road and the sense of freedom a road trip can provide. Here’s five reasons you should take one instead of flying…

A Road Trip Can (Potentially) Save Money

This naturally depends on where you’re going and when, but it’s perfectly possible to save money by taking a road trip instead of booking a flight. Think about it, if you’re travelling with friends the price of the tickets can easily exceed hundreds of pounds. With a car, however, it’s just a question of dividing up the costs of fuel and any ferry fees. Always assess your options (there are a lot of variables) but taking the car might just work in your favour.

Packing: The Only Limit Is Your Car’s Space

Anyone who’s ever flown before knows how limiting luggage restrictions can be. Sometimes it’s a question of choosing between essentials. Either way, finding yourself in a foreign country without your favourite comforts and belongings can put a real downer on a holiday. When you drive, your only limitation is the size of the car itself; but it’s most likely you’ll have more space than on a plane.

Dodge Stressful Airports

Whilst many people enjoy flying, it’d be quite the twist to discover someone who enjoys all the procedures conducted at airports. First you’ve got to get there, which either means taxis or driving. If you opt for the latter, you’ve got to find somewhere safe and secure to park; and if you’re going away for a while, it’s pricey. Then you need to haul luggage through customs and wait around for what may be hours before finally boarding. Whilst many people enjoy flying, there aren’t many who enjoy being at airports.

Take Control Of Your Travelling

The best thing about taking a road trip is the amount of control you have over the experience. For a start, you’re literally in control of the vehicle and can therefore shape the journey as you please. Whether it’s a question of where and when you’re stopping or how quick or slowly you’re travelling, you can go about things your way. When you’re flying, everything is linear and strictly regimented; who wants the stress when there’s an alternative?

Get More Out Of The Experience

So many holidays nowadays are essentially ‘on rails.’ That’s to say they’re carefully planned out by agencies and tourist authorities to provide holidaymakers with a straightforward and standardised experience. Sometimes that’s exactly what people are looking for. But if you’d like to really get to know a country and culture, you’ve got to delve deeper. When you take a road trip, you can do just that. Get away from the tourist attractions and get to the heart of your holiday destination. There are all sorts of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. It’s worth mentioning that there’s no greater sense of freedom and joy than taking to the open road with friends.

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