School Holidays Will Create ‘Perfect Storm’ Of Traffic

School holidays, in combination with booming staycations, could create a ‘perfect’ storm of traffic on the UK’s road network…

School Holidays Present ‘Perfect Storm’

A combination of imminent school holidays and rising interest in staycations could create a ‘perfect storm’ of traffic conditions; and the extremely congested conditions could already have started, lasting until at least the weekend. According to the RAC, it’s estimated that 11.5 million road trips will take place between now and the weekend. And today, July 21st, is set to be the busiest; with 2.6 million trips planned alone. Another 2,3 million are planned for Friday.

As a consequence of all this, it’s thought that driving conditions will be “severely affected”, with long queues and waiting times. Motorists are being warned to set off early if they want to avoid long waits; which probably won’t be a lot of fun, given the extreme heat some parts of the country are facing.

‘Incredibly Busy’ 

Simon Williams, a spokesman for the RAC, commented on the looming congestion. He said, “we seem to have all the elements of a perfect storm on the UK’s roads this summer – with millions of drivers having already planned their staycation trips, plus the very real prospect of huge numbers more booking last minute if their foreign travel plans end in tatters because of Covid travel restrictions”. He added, “with the current heatwave, the scene is really set for an incredibly busy few weeks on the country’s roads”.

Drivers are being urged to thoroughly check over their cars before setting off on long journeys. After a multiple lockdowns, many vehicles have barely been used – meaning they could have developed a host of maintenance issues. Given the possibility of long waits, it’s also crucial that drivers plan their routes in advance and pack plenty of water should they be trapped in high temperatures.

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