Scrapping Your Car? Here’s What You Need To Know…

For many motorists, a day will come when the price of repairs exceeds the price of their cars. When that day comes, it’s time to say our goodbyes. Scrapping your car can help claw back some money or, at the very least, get the old thing off of your hands. Here’s what you should know…

Assess Your Options

A car that’s come to the end of its life can be a burden, financially and it terms of simple storage. If it’s past its sell-by, the chances are no one’s going to buy it. So scrapping can often make sense. Your first task should be to assess your local options. Some charities will actually take them off of your hands for free; although you’re obviously giving up on the value of the scrap. You might also have some local reputable traders worth investigating.

Check For ATF Licensing

Scrapping vehicles is actually heavily legislated, mainly by the EU. In fact, 95% of a car’s components need to be recycled by law. As a result, traders in scrap need to be licensed. Make sure they have a Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) license. Otherwise, you could be breaking the law by handing over your vehicle.

Inform The DVLA

If you hand your vehicle over without informing the DVLA, whether via a sale or scrapping it, you’ll be liable for its tax. Make sure that you inform them you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle and complete any relevant paperwork. They should refund you for any unused road tax. Insurers may also owe you a refund, so make sure to inquire with them as well.

Don’t Take Cash

The Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act October 2013 made it illegal to pay cash for scrap cars in England & Wales. So anyone who does isn’t playing by the rules. In addition to this, the legislation requires you to take your ID and proof of address when scrapping a car; if you’re not asked for this, it’s another red flag.

Don’t Partially Dismantle

Some parts might be worth more than the labour cost to dismantle a given vehicle. You may, therefore, be tempted to start dismantling the car yourself. The problem with this is that many legitimate traders won’t accept a partially scrapped vehicle; forcing you to complete the job. Whilst removing a part or panel here and there is relatively easy, completing the task can be challenging. Don’t start the process if you can’t finish it.

Check Quotes Online

Prices for scrap metal fluctuate wildly. In addition, there are millions of scrapped cars dotting the nation; so don’t expect a remarkable price. Check online for quotes for your vehicle based on its model and age. A number of sites can give you an accurate and realistic idea as to what to expect.

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