Servicing And Maintenance: How Often Should You Visit A Garage?

All cars, regardless of the make or model, will regular regular servicing and maintenance. But how often should you be visiting the garage?

How often should your Car be Serviced? 

Every vehicle has a recommended servicing and maintenance schedule, and you’ll want to stick to it for a number of reasons. First of all, it’ll help keep your car and its components in a good working order; minimising the risk of serious, and costly, problems emerging. Secondly, if your car’s under warranty, you’ll need to stick to the servicing schedule in order to keep it valid.

Most manufacturers advise their customers to get their vehicles serviced once a year or once for every 12,000 miles travelled (whichever comes first). Many cars can now actually notify drivers when they’re due a service thanks to onboard sensors and computing.

What Does a Service Involve?

A service is akin to a human health check. Technicians will inspect your car’s fluid levels, filters, braking system and other mechanical systems. They’ll determine that things are working as they should and that, ultimately, the vehicle is safe to drive. Most garages will charge an upfront fee for the service – which may, or may not, include the price of replacing fluids. If a notable problem is identified with your vehicle, the technician will explain it and quote it separately if you want it addressed.

What’s the Difference Between a Service and an MOT?

A car’s service is a thorough inspection of its parts, components and systems. An MOT, on the other hand, is a relatively basic check to ensure that your car is safe enough to be on the road. Whilst servicing your vehicle isn’t a legal requirement, the annual MOT test is. If your vehicle fails to pass the test, or has its MOT expire, you won’t be able to legally drive your vehicle on public roads.

Naturally, regularly servicing your vehicle is the surest way to pass the MOT test.

How much does Servicing Cost? 

As you might expect, the price of servicing a vehicle can vary quite significantly. A mid-tier hatchback might cost you anything between £100 – £200. A luxury vehicle could cost between £500 – £1,000. A key factor is whether the garage is an independent business or a part of a brand or main dealership.

Naturally, the price of servicing is also based on whether any additional work is identified as standard checks are carried out. The base price may be relatively cheap, but the service may spot expensive faults or problems that need to be addressed. However, you’ll be able to turn the repairs down if you’re not happy with the quote.

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