Brexit: Six Driving Laws The UK Could Adopt From Europe

Britain’s road network is, despite it all, reasonably well-maintained and safe. But there’s always room for improvement. Here are a few laws and rules our European neighbours use that we could learn from…

Failing To Fuel Up As An Offence

When driving on the motorway, you may have come across signs warning motorists to check their fuel. This is because, every year, thousands of us brake down for failing to top up. It’s such a curious mistake to make, considering how fundamental fuel is to, well, driving; a matter of routine for tens of millions of us. Either way, it’s illegal in Germany to come to a stop on the autobahn; that includes running out of fuel. Why? Because it’s regarded as plain negligence. Following their example in the UK could make our roads safer and prevent an enormous amount of call-outs.

Mandatory Breathalysers 

France has used this controversial measure but, frankly, it makes some sense. The problem with drink-driving is that millions of us don’t understand the limit; that is to say, when we’re over it and what amount of drink will exceed it. Having mandatory breathalysers in our cars means we can take responsibility for ourselves and avoid second-guessing. If we’re over, we’re over; time to get a bus or a lift instead.

Reversing Warning Lights

Reversing is one of the trickiest and most dangerous manoeuvres drivers can take; certainly amongst the ones we have to make on a day-to-day basis. Why? Because we don’t have eyes in the backs of our heads. Until reversing cameras are practically standardised, it could make sense for drivers to be required turn on their hazard lights on; increasing their visibility. This rule is used in Slovenia.

Cultural Restriction Zones

In Italy, there are significant motoring restrictions around sites that are regarded as being culturally or historically significant. Some motoring experts have suggested that similar laws in the UK could help protect visitors to heritage sites. They also suggest they could reduce pollution, traffic and noise for locals.

Mandatory Headlight Use

In some European countries, drivers are required to keep their headlights on at all times. This is the case in some Scandinavian countries, like Sweden. There visibility is often poor due to dark days and nights. First of all, driving without them in the dark should be more greatly enforced. Further still, a mandatory period during the darkest time of the year might well save lives.

No Eating At The Wheel 

Ok, so these would be an exceptionally difficult laws to enforce. But think about it, if it’s considered unsafe to use a phone or even a hands-free device by experts, why should eating be any different? It’s actually illegal to eat whilst driving in Cyprus, so it’s not simply a concept. One way to enforce such a measure is to impose tough penalties for accidents caused by it i.e. if it causes a problem, you get a problem.

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