Speed Camera App Sparks Debate And Controversy

A new speed camera app, allowing users to record and report on a vehicle’s speed, has sparked significant controversy…

Speed Camera App Sparks Debate

Speedcam Anywhere is a new app that allows users to accurately record the speeds of passing vehicles. Should a vehicle be found to be exceeding the speed limit, information can be passed on to local police forces. But the app, which is a product of AI scientists from Silicon Valley and British universities, has proven to be so controversial that its designers have been forced into anonymity.

Sam, the app’s founder, told The Guardian that his team has been subjected to abuse. He said, “we’re getting quite abusive emails. It’s a Marmite product – some people think it’s a good idea, some people think that it turns us into a surveillance state”.

He added, “I can see both sides of that, but I think that if you’re going to have speed limits, then it’s the law that you obey them, and you should enforce the law. It’s not a personal vendetta against anyone, it’s just – how do we make our roads safe?” Indeed, one angry user, who left a negative review, suggested that the app was reminiscent of something from East Germany.

The app has also faced challenges with both Google Play Store and Apple. The former, incorrectly, suggested AI couldn’t determine the speed of a vehicle. Something Speedcam Anywhere has proven to be fail. Apple has seemingly failed to elaborate on its reluctance to platform the app.

‘Get Over It’ 

Despite the controversy caused by the app, it can’t lead to fines or penalty points. This is because its technology hasn’t been approved by the Home Office. Instead, Sam hopes the technology will prove to be helpful in making hotspots for speeding known to local authorities and police forces.

He said, “having roads that are just too dangerous for kids to cycle to school on, having roads that are too dangerous for parents let their kids cross – I think that’s wrong, and society needs to get over it. Make the roads safer, make them less unpleasant, and then we can start to look at how else we can move around”.

So, should you find yourself on the receiving end of the app, don’t panic or lose your temper. Instead, be glad it wasn’t an actual speed camera that caught you and reflect on the dangers of speeding.

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