Flood Damaged Cars: How You Can Spot Them Before You Buy

Let’s face it, Britain faces a lot of rain. In fact, extreme flooding is becoming increasingly common. So it’s inevitable that flooded cars will become more common, too. Here’s how to spot them at the point of sale…

Test The Heating 

Water can get stuck in the heating systems of flood damaged vehicles. This means, when in use, excessive condensation can appear. Leave the heating on for a few minutes and look for signs of this. In addition, this can also reveal curious smells associated with stagnant water etc.

Look Beneath The Bonnet 

It goes without saying, but you should be looking under the bonnet of any vehicle you’re considering buying; especially if you’re concerned of any flood-related damage. Look for corrosion, rust and any build-up of water. If in doubt, bring a mechanic along to take a look for you.

Don’t take any chances, especially if you’re buying a vehicle from an area that’s recently been affected by heavy flooding. Sellers aren’t always out to get you, sometimes they simply haven’t noticed themselves. Keep yourself safe and save money on what would inevitably be incredibly costly and time-consuming repairs.

Make A Thorough Check 

A worrying trend is seeing unscrupulous dealers buy flood damaged cars at discount. They then flog them off to unsuspecting customers at a more standard price. As you might expect, this is both illegal and highly dangerous. Make sure the car has a full service-history. An HPI check will also make it clear whether the vehicle has been written-off before.

Consider The Electrics 

As you might expect, flood damage often takes the form of faulty electrics. So make sure to check a vehicle’s lighting, windows and infotainment systems. Look for delayed responses and glitches. If more than one electric feature isn’t performing as it should, you’ve definitely stumbled upon a red flag.

Search For Signs Of Rust And Damp 

When cars are exposed to excessive amounts of water, they’ll rust and suffer from damp. Inspect the car carefully for any signs of rusting, both inside and out; in between door panels is often a good place to start. Inspect foot wells and carpets for damp, too. If the car has been flooded, you may also notice unusual smells.

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