Staycations: A Boom Is Expected As A Result Of Coronavirus

New research suggests that Brits are likely to take significantly more staycations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic…

Staycation ‘Boom’ Around The Corner 

Brits are due to take a lot more staycations than in previous years, according to new research. Auto Trader has discovered that page visits on its website for motorhomes have risen by a whopping 148%. Searches for caravans have also risen by a massive 117% when compared to 2020. Overall, it appears that 62% of Brits, almost two-thirds of us, plan on holidaying in the UK itself this year; with the countryside being our most likely destination.

According to the online automotive marketplace, 53% of us regard caravanning and staycations as offering a safe way to reunite with friends and families post-lockdown. For instance, most respondents felt that caravans and motorhomes ‘safely offer the chance to reunite’. This is because households can park in excess of two metres apart but still allow for outdoor contact.

Savvy Holidaymakers 

Erin Baker, Auto Trader’s editorial director. commented on the rise of staycations this year. She said, “more than two million people enjoy holidays in caravans and motorhomes each year in the UK – a figure that is set to rise this year due to the third wave of COVID-19 across the EU – so it’s no surprise those looking to own their own caravan or motorhome has increased”.

She added, “holidaymakers will have to be extra savvy though when planning their trips, as sites are set to sell out quickly. Heavy congestion is likely when staycationers hit the roads around peak times, particularly the second May and August bank holidays and school summer holidays, so road trips should be planned in advance and scenic detours considered”. So, if you’re planning on taking a more local holiday, plan the details of your journey well in advance. In some cases, it might make sense to travel before or after peak times, as to avoid traffic.

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