Flat Car Battery? Here’s How You Can Avoid Running Out Of Juice

The humble car battery is often overlooked by motorists. But it plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle moving. Here’s all of the ways you can ensure yours doesn’t go flat…

Don’t Overdo It On Tech

Cars aren’t just methods of transport anymore. They’re infotainment and entertainment centres. Not to mention being ‘connected’ and equipped to access the internet. They’ve even started to communicate with each other and road infrastructure. But whether it’s sat navs, dash cams or on-board apps, they all place a strain on our batteries. Ultimately, don’t overdo it with the gadgets and avoid the classic mistake of leavings lights on overnight.

Learn How To Jump Start

Ok, if you need to jump start a car battery it’s probably already flat; but it could also just be rather low. In this case, it helps to know how to jump start your car with the aid of another. It’s a fairly simple process that involves some jump leads and a second vehicle with a healthy amount of charge. Every motorist should know how to do it.

Keep Driving Your Car

It might sound odd, but using your car infrequently or exclusively for short journeys can make your car battery go flat. This is because it’s not given an appropriate amount of time to charge up. Try to take some longer journeys from time to time or, alternatively, invest in an external battery charger.

Regularly Inspect Your Car Battery

Car batteries, like any other part of a vehicle, deteriorate over time. Regularly checking it can ensure that you keep on top of any damage or wear and tear. Look for any leakage, rust or damage to the structure. If you’re not confident, ask a professional to inspect it for you.

Remember The Warning Signs

There are signs that give a flat battery away. Recognising what they are can help avoid getting stranded. Look at for ‘clicking’ noises when starting the ignition. Dim interior and exterior lights and the engine turning over slowly are all classic signs of a flat battery.

Avoid Losing Your Patience

Should you find your battery’s low on juice, don’t lose your patience and add additional strain to it. If it’s flat, it’s flat. Trying to start it repeatedly won’t produce a miracle, it’ll simply drain the last drops of power it has and, potentially, cause damage.

Service Your Car

It goes without saying but faithfully servicing your car is the best way to not only avoid a flat car battery but any other technical problems. Don’t ignore warning or servicing lights when they appear. Whilst heading to a garage can sometimes be inconvenient, it’s cheaper and more pleasant than facing a brake down or costly repairs due to neglect.

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