Storing Your Car: How To Do It Properly

Should your car need storing away for a lengthy period of time, there’s a few things to bear in mind. Here’s how to do it properly…

Choose a Secure Location

It may sound obvious, but you should only store your car somewhere that’s completely safe and secure. If you’ve got a garage, it’s definitely worthwhile using it. Just make sure that it’s well-ventilated and that you leave the vehicle’s windows slightly lowered. A dehumidifier will also help keep the air in your garage dry.

If you can’t use a garage for storing your car, the next best location is your driveway. Some people don’t have off-road parking, in which case, try to park on a flat surface and try to avoid leaving your vehicle beneath trees or vegetation.

Protect the Surfaces

Given that your car is going to be out of use for a long time, it’s worth giving it a thorough clean; both on the outside and the inside. Use a quality polish to protect the exterior and its paintwork. On the inside, pay particular attention to the dashboard, steering wheel and gear stick.

Get a Car Cover

No matter where you’re storing your vehicle, it’s important to invest in a quality car cover. These will protect your vehicle from the elements. If you’re leaving your car outside, block off any areas that animals may try to nest, such as an exhaust pipe.

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Think about Security

A vehicle in storage can be a tantalising prospect for criminals, especially if it’s a desirable model. Which is why it’s important to take security seriously. Get a steering wheel lock and a dash cam with a sentry mode. If your car has keyless entry, keep your fob somewhere safe – ideally in a faraday pouch.

General Maintenance

There’s some basic maintenance work that you’ll want to carry out before storing your vehicle…

1) Fill up your car’s fuel tank. A full tank will experience less condensation, which will help reduce the chances of rust. A fuel preservative can also be used to prevent clogging.

2) If you’re storing your car over winter, make sure that it’s topped up with plenty of anti-freeze.

3) Top up the oil to an appropriate level.

4) If you can, raise your car whilst it’s in storage. This will prevent flat spots from appearing on its tyres.

5) Try to use wheel chocks instead of the handbrake during storage. Leaving the handbrake engaged risks fusing the brake pads to the brake disc.

Get a Smart / Slow Charger 

A smart / slow charger will ensure that your battery remains at a healthy level of charge during storage. Nevertheless, you should still try to take your car for a fifteen-minute or so drive every two or so weeks.

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