Struggling With Glare Whilst Driving? Here’s What To Do…

With winter behind us, we may be lucky enough to get some sunny weather. In which case, it makes sense for drivers to be prepared for glare…

Clean Your Windscreen

Glare from the sun can seriously reduce your visibility. However, if your windscreen is dirty it’ll only make things worse. In which case, make sure to regularly clean your windscreen during the sunnier months. You’ll also want to keep an eye on your screenwash levels, topping it up as and when required.

Wear Sunglasses

Anti-glare glasses, as the name suggests, are designed to ward off glare. But you don’t need to invest in anything too expensive. Even a basic pair of sunglasses can drastically increase your vision when the sun’s hanging low. Make a habit of keeping a pair inside your car.

Adjust Your Mirrors 

If your mirrors aren’t positioned properly, they can actually amplify light from the sun and direct it at your field of view. Make sure to adjust yours when setting off in sunny conditions – just make sure they provide a sufficient field of view in general.

Use Your Visor

It can be frustrating when you have to consistently readjust your car’s visor. However, it’s the easiest way to ward off glare. Be prepared to use it when necessary.

Plan Your Journeys 

If you suffer from poor vision, glare can be especially problematic. Sometimes, it’s simply safer to avoid driving when it’s most likely to occur. Try to avoid driving early in the morning or late in the afternoon if you can.

Drive Gently 

It’s better to face a lot of glare when you’re driving at a reduced speed than a high one. Try to keep things smooth and steady when your vision is reduced. In addition, try to leave more space between your vehicle and other road-users.

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