Study Reveals Why You Should Really Give Your Car A Clean…

It’s probably not a surprise that cars are often messy. They’re exposed to food, mud and all sorts of rubbish. But shocking new research has demonstrated just how important it is to keep them clean…

Disturbing Figures

The research was conducted by car care company Simoniz. It involved putting a car owned by a father of four under the microscope. It discovered that the level of bacteria was a whopping 23 times the amount found on a public bus handrail. The driver’s seat was found to have six times the amount of bacteria as an office kettle; and twice the amount found on a TV remote. Overall, testing discovered that 40% of cars had the same level of bacteria present on a toilet brush; 20% actually had double. A large number of cars were also found to have high yeast levels. These are associated with allergic reactions and problems with the lungs, eyes, skin and throat.

Hygiene expert Luke Rutterford wasn’t surprised by the research’s findings. He said, “the results of the experiment although pretty disturbing, are not entirely surprising, particularly when it comes to high levels of bacteria found in the car.” He added, “areas in the car, such as the gear stick, control centre and steering wheel are high frequency touch points, and become an area of continuous bacterial contamination. This is more so when drivers eat and drink in the car, which can allow general debris to become a breeding ground of bacteria.”

Keeping Things Clean

Whilst all cars are vulnerable to neglect and bacteria, family cars are some of the most vulnerable. Part of the problem is our attitude to cars themselves. Whilst we wouldn’t prepare food on unclean surfaces in the kitchen, for instance, we don’t look at car interiors in the same way. This is something Rutterford is aware of, “we wouldn’t expect to eat and drink at the kitchen table and not at least wipe down the table and clean away the crumbs, but we seem to have an entirely different set of standards when sat in a vehicle.” He recommended keeping hand sanitiser in the car. In addition, it’s wise just to avoid eating in our vehicles and to regularly wipe down surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes. Get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning the interior every time you clean the exterior.

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