Suffer From Car Sickness? Here’s What You Should Do…

As many as one in five people suffer from car sickness, making the idea of getting in a car an unpleasant one. But a few easy tricks can make things a little easier…

Dealing with Car Sickness

Car sickness, or travel sickness in general, can make life miserable for the people who suffer from it. Even a brief journey by car, or another means of transport, can be a cause for dread. But a few, simple tricks can make things a bit more bearable. Here’s what to do when your stomach starts churning…

Eyes off of Screens 

Screens are a classic cause of car or travel sickness. Whether it’s a phone or pad, watching something whilst on the move can lead to dizziness, vertigo and sickness. So, if you’re particularly prone to feeling uncomfortable, put them away until you’ve come to a stop.

Don’t Read

What better way to expand one’s mind than to read a good book? Unfortunately, reading inside a car can have a similar effect as watching a screen. In fact, reading is the single most common cause of car sickness – according to various surveys. So, grab a bookmark and wait until you’re out of the car before starting a new chapter.

Take Regular Breaks 

Drivers should take regular breaks regardless of whether they feel sick or not. But, if you suffer from car sickness, it makes sense not to overdo things. When things start to feel uncomfortable, look for a service station or somewhere to safely park up.

Air Circulation 

Stuffy and confined spaces go hand in hand with feeling nauseous and sick. In which case, it’s important to keep the air in your vehicle fresh. Wind the windows down and enjoy some fresh air (air conditioning doesn’t usually have the same effect)

Slow Things Down 

Driving in a smooth fashion, at an appropriate speed, can reduce the effects of car sickness. If you’re behind the wheel, obey the speed limit and keep your car steady. If you’re a passenger, explain your situation to the driver and ask them to slow things down a bit.

Think Carefully About Food 

If you suffer from car sickness, getting in a car on an empty stomach isn’t wise. That said, eating the wrong food is a spell for disaster. You should avoid eating anything too substantial or greasy. Instead, focus on blander foods and eat a moderate amount. In addition, avoid alcohol and keep yourself hydrated with water.

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