Summer Driving: Everything You Should Have In Your Car

Summer is only days away and, for drivers, it’s helps to be prepared. Here’s everything you should have in your car during the warmer months…


Most of us don’t drink enough water. When we become dehydrated, we can become irritable and find concentrating (especially for lengthy periods of time) challenging. When it comes to driving, in the summer or any other season, we need to be alert. Keep some water bottles in your vehicle during the warmer months. Try to use reusable bottles, as plastic bottles can react with their contents when exposed to high temperatures.


Intense sunlight can make it difficult to see when you’re behind the wheel. Keeping a good pair on sunglasses in your vehicle is a good way of dealing with glare and maintaining good visibility during the summer months. They don’t need to be particularly expensive or glamorous, just make sure that they’re comfortable and that they work effectively. You might also consider storing an extra pair for your passengers, as glare can be uncomfortable for them, too.


When we think of sunscreen, we usually think of the beach or being outside. But it’s just as easy to get sunburnt whilst in a car, especially if you find yourself stuck in heavy traffic whilst exposed to direct sunlight. If you’re going to be driving on long stretches of road, without any real cover, apply some sunscreen before setting off on your journey. Always have some to hand.

Window Shades

It doesn’t take extreme heat to turn the interiors of our vehicles into saunas, especially when they’re parked in direct sunlight. This can make them very uncomfortable for the driver and their passengers; especially for very young, or very old, occupants, and for pets. To keep your interior cool, consider getting some window and windscreen shades. These will keep the sunlight out of your vehicle, leaving it cooler.

Portable Fan

Unfortunately, some cars simply don’t have particularly good air conditioning. During the summer months, this can be a serious problem. In which case, it makes sense to invest in a portable car fan. These often fit to a vehicle’s dashboard and, well, fan. They’re not particularly expensive and can make things much more comfortable.

Food Cooler 

Food coolers can be useful if you’re setting off on a summer road trip. Not everyone wants to rely on the food available at service stations, so having a way of keeping your own lunch cool can be ideal. Even when you’re not travelling considerable distances, they can make a difference. If you’re shopping at a supermarket some foods, such as deserts, drinks and fruits and vegetables can spoil quickly in a warm car. Putting them in a cooler can prevent this.

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