Telltale Signs You’re Dealing With A Professional Garage

When your car needs servicing or maintenance, it’s important that you choose a professional and reliable garage. Here’s what to look for…

Transparent Costs

The one thing all good garages have in common is that they’re transparent about costs. They should tell you, clearly, what you’re going to pay (and what for) before any work is carried out. Naturally, they may need to inspect your vehicle first. But they shouldn’t proceed with any work until they’ve told you the cost and have secured your approval.

Ditching the Jargon

Good garages don’t try to bamboozle their clients with overly technical jargon. They should communicate with you effectively, making it clear what the problem with your vehicle is and how they intend to solve the problem. If you’re unsure about something, your line of questioning should always be met with clear and helpful answers.

Good Customer Service

How a garage treats its customers is usually a good sign of how professional it is. They’re never going to be the Ritz, but they should make you feel valued as a customer. This means consistent communication, a friendly manner on the phone or in person and a proactive approach to keeping you happy when you’re at the garage. A cup of tea or coffee is always a good sign!

Sticks to a Timetable 

If a garage tells you that they can fix your car in a certain amount of days or hours, they should stick to it. After all, you may have only agreed to a quote because of the timeframe you’ve been offered. If the timeframe needs to be changed, the garage should communicate this as soon as possible; and in an apologetic fashion; they shouldn’t make excuses.

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