Ten Essential Pre-MOT Checks You Should Be Making

No driver wants to face a failed MOT. Fortunately, carrying out a few, simple pre-MOT checks can maximise your car’s chances of passing with flying colours…

Keep Your Car Clean

Garages can, and will, refuse to carry out a car’s MOT if it’s filthy. And why shouldn’t they? Mechanics and technicians aren’t paid to work amongst your rubbish. Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some garages are even more insistent that the cars they test are at least tidy. Make sure to give your car a good clean, inside and out, before taking it in to the garage.

Wipe Your Number Plates

If any part of your car’s registration plate is obscured, you’ll fail your test. After all, the whole point of them is to make drivers identifiable and accountable. Make sure to give yours a clean and polish before your test and, if they’re damaged, make sure to get them replaced well in advance.

Check Your Windscreen Wipers 

A vital pre-MOT check, ensuring that your windscreen wipers are properly functioning is easy; but they’re often overlooked. Make sure that they can effectively clear your windscreen of liquids and debris and inspect them for any sign of tearing. If they are damaged, get them replaced – they’re relatively easy to fit and remove.

Inspect Your Car’s Lights

All of your car’s lights need to be functioning in order to pass its MOT. With the help of a friend or relative, check to see that they’re all working and that they’re sufficiently bright. It’s also worth checking the lights for any signs of damage, including cracks and scratches.

Top Up Your Car’s Fluids

You should be inspecting your car’s fluids on a regular basis. But ensuring they’re topped up, and in a good state, can make a real difference before an MOT. Take a look at your brake fluid, screenwash and oil levels.

Check The Horn Works

Seriously, your vehicle can fail its MOT simply because its horn doesn’t work – or because it isn’t sufficiently loud. Give yours a press before heading to the garage. Make sure it’s loud and responsive. After all, it needs to be in the event of a potential collision or accident.

Take A Look At Your Mirrors

Your mirrors need to be clear and intact so that you can use them safely, and effectively, whilst behind the wheel. It’s not rocket science. Give yours a glance and a quick clean before your test. Pre-MOT checks don’t get much more straightforward.

Inspect Tyre Tread Depth 

It’s extremely easy to fail an MOT due to problems with your car’s tyres. It’s important that they have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm – although 3.00mm is optimal. Inspect the sidewall of each tyre for any sign of tearing or bulging, too. Finally, make sure they have the air pressures recommended in your owner’s book.

Consider Bodywork

Any bodywork that’s protruding from your vehicle, perhaps a result of an accident or collision, will cause your car to fail its MOT. After all, it poses a risk to other road-users. Any faults with the bodywork will need to be repaired before the test.

Tow Bar Considerations 

A lot of drivers tow, whether it’s trailers or caravans. As a result, a tow bar can be left on the rear of their vehicle indefinitely. Before your test, you must ensure that it’s properly secured, isn’t damaged and is free from any and all corrosion. It’s an easily overlooked pre-MOT check but, if all else fails, you can simply remove it before heading to the garage.

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