Ten Things You Should Always Have Stored In Your Car

Lots of things can happen when we’re on the road, so it’s good to be prepared. Here’s ten things you should always have in your car…

Spare Tyre (And Accessories)

Historically, most vehicles have come with a spare tyre. However, many car manufacturers are increasingly looking to reduce their costs. As a result, some simply come with a modest repair kit instead. Naturally, this means less value for money for drivers and, in some instances, real inconvenience. Having a spare tyre, along with a jack, means you’ll be able to address a flat or damaged tyre at the roadside; rather than waiting to be rescued.

USB Charger

The overwhelming majority of us travel everywhere with our phones. And we all know how frustrating it is when they run out of charge and we don’t have access to a plug socket. Having a USB charger means you’ll be able to keep your phone charged whilst behind the wheel.

Phone Holder

Most of us use a sat nav whilst driving, especially on unfamiliar roads. However, they do sometimes let us down and can be expensive. With a phone holder, we can safely and legally use our phones instead – so it’s worth investing in one.

Jump Leads and Battery Pack

Flat car batteries are a fairly common occurrence when it comes to callouts, especially during colder weather. Packing some jump leads in your car will allow another driver to assist you. If you have a battery pack to hand, you won’t need to rely on anyone.


Britain’s roads are some of the safest in the world, but they can still be unpredictable. If you end up in an accident or collision, it’s your word against someone else’s. With a dashcam, however, you can clear your name in a relatively straightforward way. They can also protect you against increasingly popular ‘crash-for-cash’ schemes.


It’s always wise to have water to hand in your vehicle. You never know if you’re going to get stuck in traffic or congestion. Keeping hydrated is also important in maintaining your concentration, even more so during the warmer months. Just make sure that any water is protected from direct sunlight, especially if it’s in a plastic bottle.


Visibility is everything when it comes to driving. So, having a pair of sunglasses to hand can be extremely useful. They don’t need to be flash or expensive, just effective and comfortable enough for a long drive.


We know, it sounds old-fashioned. But having a map that covers the areas you’re driving in can be extremely useful in an emergency situation. Phone’s can run out of charge or lose signal. Sat Navs can become confused, especially in isolated areas and on small, rural roads. With a map, you’ll be able to navigate your way back to civilisation.


What could be more disconcerting than breaking down in the middle of nowhere, in the dark? Having a torch can help you identify problems with your vehicle and, if necessary, navigate your way to help if you have to travel on foot. Windup torches are a particularly good investment.

Spare Change 

We live in an increasingly digitalised world, in which many monetary transactions are handled via a phone or the swipe of a card. However, many a car park in the UK still requires payment via cash. Moreover, the tech we rely on for contactless payments can fail. In which case, it’s sensible to keep some loose change in your car; just make sure it’s hidden from view when your vehicle is unattended.

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