Ten Ways To Decisively Reduce Your Motoring Costs

Motoring costs are a major source of expense for millions of Brits. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to decisively cut costs…

Maintain your Vehicle

A major source of motoring costs concerns vehicle maintenance. All vehicles, sooner or later, need the attention of a professional mechanic or technician. Unfortunately, thanks to inflation and parts shortages, trips to the garage can be more expensive than ever. So, what’s the solution? Simple, look after your vehicle.

Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s fluid levels, tyres and electrics will help you to identify smaller problems before they become big ones. Basic maintenance, like regularly replacing oil, can also help to maximise your vehicle’s lifespan.

Adapt your Driving Style

How we drive can have a major impact on how much money we spend as drivers. After all, few motoring costs are as obvious as fuel. How much fuel our vehicle’s use is largely determined by our driving styles. For instance, harsh acceleration, excessive speeds and late braking can consume petrol or diesel at an increased rate.

In addition, driving harshly means that your vehicle’s parts and components will face increased wear and tear. Consequently, it simply makes sense to drive smoothly and responsibly if you want to save money.

Keep things Light

The heavier your vehicle is, the harder its engine is going to have to work to get it moving. Some weight is simply a product of the size of your vehicle and how many passengers you need to transport. It’s still important to remove needless sources of weight, however.

Only keep things in your vehicle that need to be there. Remove the likes of tools and sports equipment when they’re not in use (also a good way of preventing them from being stolen). You shouldn’t leave a roof rack or box installed when you’re not using them, either.

Don’t be Loyal

Car insurance can be expensive, especially for younger drivers. Regardless of your age, however, there’s no reason to be loyal to your car insurance provider. In fact, until fairly recently, the industry used to impose a so-called ‘loyalty tax’, raising the premiums of long-term customers.

Make a note of when your insurance is up for renewal and shop around for a better quote. Always try to get at least three quotes, and determine which policy works best for you. Only pay for what you need, too, by working out your average annual mileage.

Get the Right Car

Some cars are simply more expensive to run than others. The reasons are multifaceted, but it could be that a given model is more expensive to insure. Others might have a less efficient fuel economy or may be more liable to faults. It’s therefore important to think about the sort of car you really need and to research each model.

If you’re living in an inner-city, for instance, there’s really no need to get a bulky SUV. If you’re a new driver, you may be desperate to get a car with a powerful engine, but you have to recognise that insurers will land you with eye-watering premiums. If money is an object, get a car based on the needs of your lifestyle and work, not just your preferences.

Consider the Alternatives

Cars can be enormously useful and can provide us with an unrivalled sense of freedom. That said, they’re not always the best option. Sometimes, it may make sense to walk, cycle or to rely on public transport. It’s always worth considering your options when you’re trying to save money. After all, driving to the local shops, in the long-term, can have an impact on your finances.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are working from home and are able to conduct meetings remotely. It might be worth asking your employer is this is an option, as it can easily reduce fuel expenses and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Plan your Journeys

In an age of sat navs, planning a car journey may sound a tad archaic. Nevertheless, it’s worth considering. Not all sat navs can make informed judgements in terms of determining the most appropriate route. Which is why you should consider your options and factor in things like road type, traffic and roadworks.

It’s worth noting that quickest route won’t always be the easiest on your finances, too.

Aerodynamics can Help

How aerodynamic your vehicle is will have a significant impact on its fuel economy. The main factor is simply the shape and design of your vehicle which, obviously, is out of your hands except at the point of purchase. There are a few things you can do though.

Travelling with your car’s windows down can make your vehicle less aerodynamic. The effect is slight on speeds up to 30 mph (as a general rule). Anything higher, however, and you should simply rely on your car’s air conditioning system instead. You should also remove roof racks and boxes when they’re not in use, as these will increase air resistance.

Go Electric 

Electric cars are indisputably cheaper to run than their petrol or diesel equivalents. Whilst they typically remain more expensive at the point of purchase, they require less maintenance and it’s cheaper to charge than to refuel.

Maintenance costs are greatly reduced as EVs have a tiny fraction of the moving parts found in a diesel or petrol vehicle. In simple terms, there’s less that can go wrong. Whilst charging at public chargers has risen by 50% over the last year or so, charging a family-sized EV at a rapid charger will cost around £36; much cheaper than a visit to the petrol station.

Charging an EV is cheapest when it’s done at home, assuming a driver has off-road parking.

Get a Guaranteed Maintenance Contract 

A Guaranteed Maintenance contract is an ideal way of managing your car’s maintenance is a cost-effective and stress-free way. Autoserve Guaranteed Maintenance contracts include…

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– Tyre Punctures*

– Warranty Claim Bookings

– 16,000 approved garages across the UK

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EV Charging Prices Have Risen By 50% – https://autoserveclub.co.uk/blog/ev-charging-prices-have-risen-by-50/

Mercedes Will Launch Its Own EV Charging Network – https://autoserve.co.uk/motoring-news/mercedes-will-launch-its-own-ev-charging-network/

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