Ten Ways You Can Improve Your EV’s Range

Nowadays, electric vehicles now offer a good amount of range for most drivers. But there’s still ways to maximise the miles you get out of a charge…

Remember Regenerative Braking

All electric vehicles use regenerative braking, which feeds energy back to your vehicle’s battery when you brake. Ensure that your car’s maximum regenerative setting is switched on so that as little power is wasted as possible.

Time Charging for Range

Many EVs, like other electric devices, will slowly discharge when they’ve finished discharging. In which case, timing your vehicle’s charging properly can save your energy and therefore range. Try to time the charging process so that it finishes shortly before you hit the road.

Watch the Heater

A car’s heating system can be a major drain on energy – regardless of the powertrain. This is especially the case during the winter, when drivers tend to have them on at full blast. If you want to save precious energy, try to use yours sparingly – consider putting on an extra layer of clothing instead.

…And the Air Conditioning

Just like heating systems, air conditioning can eat away at an EV’s range if it’s left on for lengthy periods of time. Consider using a small travel fan instead. When it’s hot, you can simply lower your car’s windows; although you’ll want to avoid doing this at high speeds, due to the aerodynamic implications.

Check Your Tyres

Just like an ICE vehicle, EVs need their tyres looking after. You’ll want to ensure that they have the right tread depth and air pressures. If these are wrong, it can increase drag and render them energy inefficient.

Empty Your Car

The heavier your car is, the more energy it’ll use in getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’. In which case, it makes sense to keep your vehicle as light as possible. Remove anything that doesn’t need to be in it. Moreover, remove things on the outside of the vehicle, such as roof racks, as these can significantly increase drag.

Plan Your Journeys for Range

Yes, it sounds old fashioned. But some routes will be more efficient than others in terms of range. And it may not just be a question of total miles, either. A more or less empty series of roads, with little congestion and appropriate speed limits, will be a lot better than a ‘shorter’ route stricken with traffic and road works.

Don’t Speed

Sticking to the speed limit will help you get the most out of your car’s total range. Faster speeds use more energy. Indeed, speeds above the national speed limit are very inefficient from an energy perspective.

Keep Things Smooth

If your heavy on your EV’s accelerator, you’ll burn through energy at a much faster rate. Because of their instant torque, it can be tempting to be heavy footed in EVs. Resist the urge if you want to get the most out of a charge.

Preconditioning for Optimal Range

The vast majority of EVs now come with an accompanying app, allowing drivers to interact with their vehicles without getting in and starting them. Some even allow drivers to precondition their vehicles, such as by getting their interiors to a certain temperature. Getting your car ready for you in advance can help you save energy whilst you’re on the move.

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