The AA Is Now Providing 24/7 Support To Instavolt Charger Users

The AA has entered a partnership with Instavolt, an EV charging company, to provide 24/7 telephone support to electric cars drivers. It represents another leap in the transition to electric motoring…

The AA and Instavolt Partnership 

Instavolt, a provider of EV charging infrastructure, has partnered with breakdown giant the AA. The latter will be providing 24/7 support, via telephone, to electric car drivers. According to both companies, the partnership is designed to ‘give drivers further confidence to switch to electric vehicles; by reassuring them with reliable and high-quality customer service whatever the time of day’.

Instavolt customers will use a dedicated AA number, which will direct them to call centre support. In particular, the service will prioritise addressing charging queries, issues with making payments and even helping customers locate charging points should they be unable to locate them. That said, it’s important to note that the support is purely based on utilising the support line; breakdown cover isn’t included as a part of the agreement.

Adrian Keen, Instavolt CEO, commented on the partnership. He said, “despite the rapid growth in EV adoption and the continual improvements in facilities and support for EV drivers nationwide, there still remains some hesitancy among certain owners to switch from petrol and diesel vehicles”. He added, “securing the support of the AA’s customer services team will help to dispel any lingering concerns around the ease with which EV drivers encountering difficulties can find high quality help”.

Charging Woes 

Finding, and accessing, appropriate chargers for EVs are likely some of the largest concerns drivers have when making the transition to EVs. Whilst the charging network is rapidly improving in the UK, it’s still inadequate to facilitate a complete transition. Moreover, some regions of the country have much better access than others. For instance, London and the South-East of the country have significantly more chargers than the North of England.

In addition, the UK’s chargers are often produced and managed by a diverse group of providers. As a consequence, it’s often the case that EV drivers need to subscribe to a wide range of them; downloading multiple apps and familiarising themselves with different payment methods. In this sense, then, the partnership between the AA and Instavolt may go some way in addressing popular concerns.

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