The Best Driving Apps For Post-Lockdown Driving

With lockdown measures being relaxed today, you’ll probably be driving a lot more and soon. Here are the best driving-apps to make getting back into your routine easier…


Easily one of the most useful driving apps. One of the questions you’re likely to have when driving somewhere new is ‘where can I park?’ It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that parking infrastructure leaves much to be desired in the UK. Parkopedia will show you all of the parking locations in a given area and supply information such as pricing and if the site actually has free spaces. It also allows users to pay for parking via their phone and pre-book a spot for their vehicle well in advance; it’s free, too. Nifty!


BBC Weather

Yes, we’re counting the BBC Weather app as a ‘driving app.’ Why? Because knowing what sort of weather conditions you’ll be facing on the roads is important; especially given how notoriously unpredictable British weather can be. Easy to use and generally accurate, a quick check of the app can make it clear whether it’s safe to drive and give you a general idea of what you’re facing.



Waze is a really innovative way of keeping tabs with traffic. It relies on user-supplied information to report on traffic conditions in real-time. This means that, should you get stuck in a traffic jam, you can notify other road-users (when it’s safe to do so). Users can also report on accidents, speed cameras and police. It’s fun, too, as it can connect with the big social media outlets; meaning you can see your friends if they happen to be driving in the same vicinity.


Smart Dash Cam

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. Capable of recording occurrences on the road, they can be useful when making an insurance claim or dealing with police. The problem is, however, they’re often  expensive. This is where the Smart Dash Cam comes into play, it allows you to transform your phone into a dash cam; making it one of the best driving apps for saving money. You can specify how long you want it to record for (meaning you won’t waste memory or charge) and you can use your phone’s other functions whilst it’s running.


Google Maps

If you haven’t used Google Maps before you’re either an expert at navigation or a member of a recently contacted Amazonian tribe. It’s simply unrivalled in its ability to find an effective route for your journey and makes it simple and easy to follow. You’ll get turn-for-turn navigation and live traffic notifications. It’s regularly updated, too, meaning it’s reliable.


Petrol is expensive and, at times, difficult to find. will show you where all the local petrol stations are and what prices they’re selling at; all in real time. It currently has a database containing around 98% of all the nation’s stations; impressive.


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