The DVLA Has Launched An Online Log Book Address Change Service

The DVLA has made the life of motorists a little bit easier. They can now change the address on their V5C vehicle log book online, rather than having to mail documents to offices in Swansea…

Making Life Easier For Motorists

The next time you need to update the address on your V5C, don’t bother buying stamps. You can now simply make the change online. Traditionally, drivers had to send their documents via mail, a process that could take up to six weeks. Doing it online, however, takes just five days. The DVLA receives as many as 1.4 million mail-based change-of-address forms annually; so it’s hoped going digital will save time and money.

Julie Lennard, DVLA chief executive, explained the changes. She said, “we’re launching this service at a time when online services are becoming even more vital to help people get back on the road”. She added, “this new online service is quicker and easier than sending your log book to DVLA”.

The Online Process 

Updating a log book address online takes just two minutes. All a driver needs is their postcode, log book document reference number and vehicle registration number. As it stands, the DVLA is running a campaign in order to encourage an increasing number of motorists to use the online service. Back in April, it warned drivers of “significant delays” when they attempted to use its services. In addition, it announced earlier this month that an automatic seven-month extension to photocard driving licences would granted to motorists whose cards were due to expire; granting a reprieve for those affected by lockdown measures and social distancing measures.

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