The EU Is Scrapping The Green Card For British Drivers

The European Commission has announced that it intends to scrap the Green Card for British drivers in the near-future…

Scrapping the Green Card 

The European Commission has announced that it’ll be scrapping the Green Card for British motorists. These are internationally recognised insurance certificates; proving that a motorist has compulsory third-party liability coverage. They’re issued by car insurance companies and are, generally, valid for a 90-day period.

As a rule, British drivers have had to carry one with them when visiting an EU member state; including the Republic of Ireland. However, it’s not yet clear when the Green Card will be dropped for Brits. So, pending further information, drivers planning on driving into the EU will still need to take one with them.

Good News for Motorists 

The Association of British Insurers has welcomed the Commission’s decision. Huw Evans, director general, said “UK drivers will no longer need to apply for a Green Card through their insurer which will help reduce bureaucracy for drivers and road hauliers travelling between the UK and EU. It will be especially welcomed by motorists in Northern Ireland driving across the border”.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland has been particularly welcoming of the news. Chief executive David Fitzgerald has claimed the Green Card wasn’t sustainable. He explained, “there are approximately 25,000 who live on one side of the border and who regularly commute to the other jurisdiction”.

Clare Egan, speaking for Admiral Insurance, also welcomed the move. She said, “although the decision is yet to take effect, it’s a welcome change that will hopefully be rubber stamped by the European Union soon, so that things are a little less complicated for Brits who are still hoping for a getaway this year, but who would prefer to drive to Europe instead of flying there”.

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