The Government Is Partnering With Supermarkets To Tackle Potholes

The government is partnering up with the nation’s supermarkets in order to map the location of potholes in a “first of its kind” project…

Supermarkets and Potholes 

It’s an unorthodox alliance, but the government is partnering up with supermarkets in order to tackle the nation’s potholes. The Department for Transport has announced that it’ll be working with Ocado, Uber, Deliveroo and Tesco to map where road repairs are needed. Some £2.5 billion has already been pledged in fixing potholes; but actually locating where the money is needed is a challenge in of itself. Using data compiled by supermarket drivers will help to “paint the most comprehensive picture ever; of where funding is most needed to make sure roads are not plagued by potholes”.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, called the project a “first of its kind”. He said, “better road surfaces benefit motorists and cyclists alike ensuring the back to school and work environment is safer for everyone”. In addition, he said the project made sense as delivery drivers “know the roads well”. Charlie Wren, speaking on behalf of Deliveroo, welcomed the initiative. He said, “this is a great way to make sure Deliveroo riders and other road users are safe on the road. We’re looking forward to working with the government on this important scheme; to help make the roads safer for Deliveroo riders and others”.

Back To School Urgency 

Whilst the government acknowledged the problems caused by potholes earlier this year, the situation has become more urgent. After five months of lockdown, millions of school children and commuters will be returning to their normal routines. Consequently, the roads will once again be placed under significant strain. In addition, recent research has suggested that money cut from council road budgets in 2010 could have repaired eight million potholes. Figures from the Local Government Association (LGA) show that money spend on road maintenance has fallen by 37% in less than a decade.

All of this, then, has placed additional pressure on the government and local authorities in making extensive road repairs. Potholes, after all, cost motorists a small fortune in road repairs; especially when it comes to tyres and suspension systems. Drivers can often claim this money back from councils; but this, as you might expect, only makes the funding situation worse. Ultimately, fixing potholes makes sense for all levels of government and all road-users. Let’s hope the supermarket scheme succeeds in making a difference where others have failed…

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