The Government Is Working To Produce A Pothole Map

The government is teaming up with the likes of Uber and Deliveroo to create a nationwide pothole map. It’s hoped the map will help to identify the worst hit areas…

Creating A Nationwide Pothole Map 

The government is changing its strategy in addressing the nation’s pothole pandemic. It’s teaming up with the likes of Uber and Deliveroo in order to effectively map the road network’s hotspots. Using data on current potholes and road imagery, the Department for Transport (DfT) will determine where funding is most urgently needed. Last March, the government announced that £2.5 billion would be set aside for repairing roads alone.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, commented on the initiative. He said, “I want our roads to be as safe as possible, so during the lockdown we’ve resurfaced hundreds of miles of road. But now I want to go further by identifying critical potholes and ensuring these are fixed as quickly as possible”. He continued, “we’re teaming up with delivery companies, who know the roads well, in order to map out where remaining potholes exist and then relentlessly target them with our record £2.5 billion pothole repair fund”.

Charlie Wren, director of operations at Deliveroo, said he was looking forward to assisting the government. He said, “Deliveroo riders go above and beyond to bring people the food they love. This is a great way to make sure they and other road users are safe on the road. We’re looking forward to working with the government on this important scheme to help make the roads safer for Deliveroo riders and others”.

How Potholes Wreak Havoc On Cars 

Britain has been suffering from what’s been called a ‘pothole pandemic’ for years. According to, the total combined depth of the nation’s potholes sits at 33,422 metres. For perspective, that’s three times the depth of the pacific ocean. It’s also the equivalent height of 22,281 cars. Moreover, the situation was expected to decline by a further 16% had investment remained at previous levels.

Potholes wreak havoc on tyres, bumpers and suspension systems; even when they’re traversed at relatively slow speeds. This means drivers fork out a fortune each year on making pothole-related repairs. In addition, as councils can be held responsible, the issue also produces a significant source of expenditure for local authorities. Getting them all mapped and repaired, then, represents a win-win for everyone. Although it’s important to note that the government’s collaboration with Uber and Deliveroo is designed, at least initially, to highlight the worst affected areas as a matter of priority.

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