The In-Car Technology That Should Come As Standard

In-car technology is becoming more advanced all of the time. But much of it remains reserved for drivers of expensive models. Here’s the tech we think should come as standard…

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

The reaction times of human beings can be relatively impressive, but computers can do so much better. Autonomous emergency braking systems do exactly what they say on the tin; they apply the brakes when they determine that a collision or accident is imminent. An increasingly number of car models come with AEB installed but, for some manufacturers, it remains an optional extra. Standardising the technology would save an enormous amount of lives.

On-Board WiFi

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the chances are you’re addicted to WiFi. The Internet is so fundamental to the modern lifestyle that going without it for even short periods can be frustrating. Fortunately, car manufacturers have caught on to this. Perfect for when the driver is stopped or for passengers whilst on the move, they’ll have access to the information they need and when they need it. As far as car features go, this is the one with the most promise. In the not too distant future, cars will use connectivity to drive themselves, communicate with each other and with road infrastructure.

Automatic Parking

Whilst there are undoubtedly drivers out there who are good at parallel parking, it’s less clear whether anyone actually enjoys it. In fact, survey after survey have discovered its one of the most loathed car manoeuvres and many drivers would rather look for a different space than attempt it. Automated parking can render parallel parking redundant once and for all. The technology can park in a variety of situations, however, whether perpendicular or at an angle. Given how parking is something every driver has to do at the start and end of practically every journey, we’re surprised this feature hasn’t been pushed harder by manufacturers and automotive marketeers.

Heated Interior Features

There’s something deeply unpleasant about walking through the winter chill, finally reaching your car and then finding it’s just as cold when you’re inside it. There’s then the lengthy wait whilst your engine warms up. A number of car models are now coming with the likes of heated steering wheels and heated seats. Powered by electric, they nearly instantaneously warm up. This basically puts an end to being cold whilst you’re behind the wheel. These are car feature we reckon will become widespread over the next few years.

360 Camera Systems

One of the problems of driving is actually a problem of human vision; we can only see ahead of us and we need to be focused on the direction we’re driving in. However, as we all know, lots can be happening all around us whilst we’re behind the wheel. That’s where 360-degree cameras come into play. Exceptionally useful when parking or making a manoeuvre, they can dramatically reduce the odds of hitting anything and damaging the vehicle. One of the most overdue car features that needs standardising, in our opinion.

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