The Price Of Petrol Is Nearly At A Record High

According to new data, the average price of petrol in the UK has nearly reached a record high – all amidst a fuel crisis…

Price of Petrol Nearly at Record High

As if a fuel crisis isn’t bad enough, the price of petrol has nearly reached a record high in the UK. According to data compiled by RAC Fuel Watch, it’s now £12 more expensive to fill a tank with petrol or diesel than it was a year ago. The price of unleaded went up 1.5p to 136.83p while diesel rose by 2.5p to 139.25p. That’s 22p and 21p more expensive per litre than it was a year ago. For perspective, this is just 5.65p off the record (April 2012) of 142.48p and diesel 8.68p off the record of 147.93p.

Anyone filling up a typical family car with 55-litres of petrol will be paying £75.26 – £12.22 more than a year ago. It’d cost £76.59 to fill up a similar diesel –  £11.63 more than a year ago. The rising prices are unrelated to the UK’s fuel crisis, instead being a product of the rising price of oil.

‘Pay Through the Nose’

Simon Williams, a spokesman for the RAC, commented on the soaring prices of petrol and diesel. He said, “not only are motorists struggling to put fuel in their vehicles, they are having to pay through the nose for it as the rising cost of a barrel of oil is causing further pain at the pumps”.

He continued, “as life moves ever closer to normal as the world gets to grips with Covid-19, demand for oil is outpacing supply, and with producer group OPEC+ deciding on Monday not to release more oil, the barrel price has now broken through the $80-mark for the first time in more than three years”.

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