The Top Five Causes Of Road Collisions In The UK

The UK’s roads are some of the safest in the world. However, accidents remain a fact of life. Here are the top five causes of collisions on the road network…

Failing to look Properly

With over a third of all road collisions being caused by drivers failing to look properly, it’s easily the primary cause of accidents. But this needn’t be a cause for despair – after all, it’s an extremely easy error for individual motorists to avoid. How? First of all, avoid distractions whether it be a mobile phone or a flashy billboard sign. Secondly, never make a manoeuvre without looking both ways – twice.

Misjudging another Driver

It’s not easy to determine what other road-users intend to do and when; especially when so many drive erratically or fail to indicate properly. The key point here is never to assume that another driver, cyclist or pedestrian is going to behave as you expect them to. Drive defensively, and be alert for sudden changes in behaviour.

Being Careless or Reckless

Sometimes, accidents aren’t ‘accidents’ at all. Which is probably why most road charities want people to refer to road accidents as ‘collisions’ instead; raising awareness of the fact that a degree of avoidable driver error is almost always involved. Some road-users are simply reckless, ignore the Highway Code and put themselves, and others, at danger. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re a major cause of collisions.

Losing Control

A driver can lose control of their vehicle for a number of reasons. For a start, they may be driving too quickly. In addition, they might have neglected their car’s maintenance, meaning their tyres might possess too little tread depth (and therefore grip). It can also be a product of environmental factors, including ice, rain and strong winds.

Drink Driving 

Fortunately, drink driving fatalities decreased by 40% between 2008 and 2018. Nevertheless, they still account for 13% of road deaths each year. Offenders face a driving ban, a fine and / or a prison sentence. But no matter what punishment they face, there’s no reversing the damage they often cause to their victims.

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