These Are The Most Dangerous Days To Drive

Data compiled by car insurance companies has revealed the most dangerous days in the year to drive…

Dates to Remember

Few people have much good to say about insurance companies. That said, they tend to operate on very accurate data. So, if they say some days are more dangerous than others when it comes to driving, there’s good reason to believe them; after all, they have millions of drivers to assess and examine.

The good news is that the most dangerous day of the year for driving, January 18th, is now behind us. According to Admiral Motor Insurance, there are 33% more insurance claims on this day than the average throughout the rest of the year. The company analysed insurance claim data between 2012 and 2021; excluding claims that concerned the likes of thefts, fires and malicious damage. These are the most dangerous days of the year when it comes to driving…

Dangerous Days to Drive

1) 18 January

2) 5 December

3) 4 December

4) 16 January

5) 28 February

6) 1 December

7) 18 December

8) 1 February

9) 30 November

10) 14 December

Stress and Bad Weather 

Lorna Connelly, head of claims at Admiral, commented on the findings. She said, “more of us travel by car in the colder months, so combine that with wetter weather and icier road conditions and driving becomes more risky in the winter”.

She continued, “our claims analysis from the last 10 years found more road accidents happen on 18 January than on any other date, with around 33 percent more claims on this day compared with the average day throughout the year. Poor weather combined with busier roads and stressed drivers, as we return from the Christmas break, could all be contributing factors. While November and December are overall the most treacherous months, with the most accidents, January 18 is overall the date of the year we see the highest number of accident claims”.

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