These Are The Most Hated Bad Diving Habits

Everyone has the odd bad driving habit, but some are simply insufferable. These are, undoubtedly, the most hated…


Tailgating is, without a doubt, the most hated bad driving habit in the country. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s needless, intimidating and dangerous. It’s essentially a question of threatening someone, simply because they’re not driving as quickly as you like. To make matters worse, tailgaters are usually looking to break the speed limit; meaning the victim is often doing nothing wrong.

Failing to Indicate 

Indicating properly and in good time isn’t simply a question of good manners, it’s fundamental in driving safely. It’s how we let other road-users know what our intentions are, a form of communication. Some drivers, however, seem to believe that they’re simply a matter of opinion – and to make matters worse, they often make sudden manoeuvres after failing to signal.

Hogging the Middle-Lane 

When driving on a motorway, you should always be in the inside lane except when you’re overtaking. It’s a simple concept, but lots of motorists choose to ignore it entirely. The worst drivers are those who ‘hog’ the middle-lane, making it difficult for others drivers to make safe lane changes.

Needlessly Using Full-Beam Lights

Full-beam lights are extremely useful when vision is severely affected, either by a lack of light or poor weather conditions. However, they should be used with other road-users in mind; turning them off when traffic comes from the opposite direction. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to turn them off or don’t understand the difference between them and standard headlights; blinding those around them.

Moving too Slowly at a Green Light

Needless acceleration and aggressive driving are bad driving habits in of themselves. However, going to slowly can be just as vexing. This is especially the case when a motorist is seemingly happy to sit idle at a green light, failing to notice the change (or at least respond to it in good time). Pay attention and help traffic flow smoothly.

Blocking Traffic 

Ok, this isn’t always a bad habit. In fact, it’s sometimes a question of poor road design. Sometimes, at a crossing or junction, cars essentially block oncoming traffic – having crossed a light at the last minute. This can be extremely frustrating for other road-users, but it’s not always possible to tell when the road ahead is going to be clear. Drivers should, at the very least, keep their eyes on the road ahead and try to make sound judgements.

Last-Minute Braking 

Slamming your brakes, without good reason, is only permitted in emergencies; such as when a pedestrian runs out into the road. It’s not permitted to ward off tailgaters, make a sudden manoeuvre after missing a turn or just because you felt like it.

Selfish Parking 

We’ve all seen it, and we’ve all commented on it. Someone’s parked across multiple bays at a supermarket or at such an angle that parking next to them would make it difficult to open your door. It’s selfish, it’s needless and it shows complete contempt for others. A bad driving habit to avoid at all costs.

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