These Are The Safest, And Least Safe, Car Parks In The UK

New research has shed light on the safest, and least safe, car parks in the UK, based on the number of vehicle crimes that take place…

The Safest, And Least Safe, Car Parks

British car parks aren’t exactly celebrated. They’re often old and, if we’re being honest, unsuitable for modern vehicles – usually due to their size. In addition, whether they’re owned privately or publicly, they tend to charge outrageous prices. Nevertheless, some are better than others; especially when it comes to safety. New research conducted by USwitch has shed light on which are the best, and worst, when it comes to vehicle-based crime. It looked at a range of crimes when compiling the data (derived from over 200 sites), including theft, interference and a breakdown of what the vehicles actually were.

Covent Garden is the least safe place to park your car, with a whopping 368 vehicle crimes a year; that’s equivalent to more than one a day. Conversely, Exeter St David’s is the safest. It had just one crime reported between April 2019 and March 2020. In fact, four of the top ten safest car parks are situated next to train stations. The least safest car parks seem to be concentrated in Bristol, London and the South East. The safer car parks, however, tend to have a broader geographic spread.

The Least Safe Car Parks

1. Covent Garden, London (368 crimes)

2. Mayfair, London (273 crimes)

3. Pavilion Road, London (266 crimes)

4. Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol (245 crimes)

5. Nelson Street, Bristol (230 crimes)

6. New Street, Birmingham (169 crimes)

7. Prince Street, Bristol (153 crimes)

8. Knox Road, Cardiff (146 crimes)

9. Wandle, Croydon (142 crimes)

10. Crasswell Street, Portsmouth (140 crimes)

The Safest Car Parks 

Car park / city

1. St David’s, Exeter (1 crime)

2. King Street, Stockport (2 crimes)

3. Central Station, Exeter (4 crimes)

4. Grand Arcade, Wigan (6 crimes)

5. Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon (7 crimes)

6. Thornaby Station, Stockton (8 crimes)

7. Station South, York (10 crimes)

8. Llandudno Station, Llandudno (11 crimes)

9. Pescod Square, Boston (13 crimes)

10. Oxford Street, Belfast (14 crimes)

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