Thinking Of Buying Used Tyres? Here’s Why You Should Reconsider…

Tyres can be expensive, especially if you need more than one replaced at a time. But opting for cheaper, used tyres is probably not a good idea. Here’s why…

Major Red Flags

Most drivers welcome the opportunity to save money on their motoring; but sometimes, in doing so, they put themselves at risk. Councils have warned motorists to steer clear of buying used tyres. The warning comes as the Local Government Association (LGA) has reported that up to half of all used tyres are sold illegally. Many of them are sold with serious defects, unsafe repairs and incorrect labelling. According to research, some are 30 years old at the point of sale! The LGA has advised drivers, when buying used, to check for the official ‘part-worn’ stamp. These make it clear that the tyres have been checked over by a professional and still meet legislated safety standards.

There are nearly two tyre-related road accidents each and every day; causing 719 casualties and 17 fatalities in 2017 alone. Councillor Simon Blackburn, Chair of the LGA’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board, has highlighted the dangers posed by the tyres. He said, “cheap used tyres might be tempting to buy but if they don’t have the correct legal markings, motorists could unknowingly buy illegal tyres which could contribute to a major accident”. He advised motorists to visit only reputable traders and to inspect them themselves for any bulges, lumps or cracks.

Not Worth The Risk 

At the Autoserve Club, we believe that motoring doesn’t have to be expensive. There are all sorts of straightforward ways of reducing costs. But scrimping on tyres isn’t one of them. A tyre only ‘becomes’ used if a motorist felt that they were no longer up to the job; that is to say, they had them replaced because they felt they weren’t good or safe enough. If they’re not safe for someone else, why are they safe for you? Given that nearly half of them are sold illegally, determining who’s a reputable trader can also be easier said than done.

Your car’s tyres are the only thing standing between it and the ground. In otherwise, their condition is exceptionally important. A lack of appropriate tread depth or the presence of damage can lead to a lack of grip or even a blowout; which definitely isn’t fun whilst you’re cruising down the motorway at 70 mph. So it’s important to look after them via regular inspections; ensuring the tread depth is still suitable and that they have the correct air pressures. When it’s time to replace them, swap them for something new. New tyres won’t only keep you safe, they’ll make driving much more enjoyable thanks to the increased grip and response.

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