This UK Road Sign Is Being Removed From The Road Network

In a move designed to improve road signage, the current train warning design is being scrapped entirely…

A New Road Sign

Depending on where you live, you may or may not come across road signs depicting a steam train. As you might expect, these are meant to warn drivers of a nearby train crossing. However, the current design depicts a traditional, steam-powered locomotive. Fears were raised that this design could be confusing to some road-users, especially younger drivers unfamiliar with old trains. Moreover, it’s also been suggested that the depiction of an old model fails to highlight the danger posed by the speeds obtained by contemporary models.

The new design will depict a more familiar diesel or electric train model, complete with a track and a nearby gate. It’s hoped that a clearer, more modern design will help to reduce the rising number of accidents taking place at train crossings throughout the country.

Why Now? 

The Department of Transport (DfT) has stated that the number of accidents taking place at train crossings is on the rise. In addition, it’s stated that ‘the number and diversity of users of private crossings have increased significantly’ over recent years. It also believes that younger drivers ‘may not have previously used private crossings and may be unfamiliar with how to use or operate these safely’. This is why a new road sign design was felt to be necessary.

Whilst the change appears relatively straightforward, its actually years in the making. It was suggested back in 2014 that the old design implied only slow-moving trains would be using a crossing.

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