Thousands Of Brits Can’t Distinguish Between Cars And Vans

Somewhat embarrassingly, research has revealed that ‘thousands’ of British motorists aren’t aware of whether their vehicle constitutes a car or a van…

Is It A Car, Is It A Van? 

Thousands of motorists across the country are, according to research, clueless as to whether they’re driving a car or a van. At least, that’s the case as far as insurance is concerned. According to MoneySuperMarket, some 129,000 van vehicle registrations were entered into online car comparison tools. In addition, some 48,000 cars were entered into the van equivalents. This could mean that the line between cars and vans is becoming increasingly blurred. Indeed, some figures seem to suggest this. For instance, 40% of van drivers use their vehicles primarily for ‘social, domestic and pleasure’ purposes. In addition, more than half of all vans (52%) have three seats or more.

Indeed, the increasing popularity of double cab pick-ups could also be complicating the matter. These vehicles, which boast the likes of large interiors, enormous boot capacities and towing capabilities are perfect for personal and professional activities. Popular examples include the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok and Toyota Hilux. MoneySuperMarket also reckons it’d be easy to mistake the Vauxhall Corsa Van, Nissan Navara and Renault Clio van for regular cars.

Getting It Right

Vehicle classifications are set, and imposed, by the government. Depending on the classification, each vehicle needs appropriate insurance in order to use public roads. A vehicle’s correct category is always listed on its V5C document; meaning it’s your first port of call if you’re in any doubt. If a vehicle has the incorrect type of insurance, providers can refuse to pay out after an accident.

Rose Howarth, van insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, has emphasised the importance of knowing a vehicle’s correct classification. She said, “the high number of van drivers applying for car insurance through MoneySuperMarket highlighted some confusion around people not knowing their vehicle classification or insurance categories. When looking at some makes and models classified as vans, this isn’t surprising”. She continued, “drivers can check the classification of their vehicle by checking their V5 logbook. However, to make it easier MoneySuperMarket have created a handy tool that can identify whether your vehicle is a car or a van and direct you to the right insurance type for you”. The ‘tool’ is a a nifty online checker. It only requires your vehicle’s registration number. You can find it here.

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