Tyre Extinguishers: Who Are They And Is Your Car At Risk?

The Tyre Extinguishers are a new environmentalist group that, you guessed it, extinguish tyres. But who are they, and is your car vulnerable?

Who are the Tyre Extinguishers?

The Tyre Extinguishers are a new, direct-action climate group. They target sports utility vehicles (SUVs) by deflating their tyres. Once a tyre has been deflated, the group’s activists leave a leaflet behind explaining their actions and why they targeted each vehicle; usually pointing out the disproportionate environmental impact of SUVs when compared with other vehicles.

Whilst the group emerged in the UK early this year, it’s spread rapidly across the globe. Actions have taken place in the United States, Canada and other European countries, including the likes of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Norway. Indeed, in one night in September over 600 vehicles were targeted via a coordinated campaign.

Do they have a Point?

The group targets SUVs, usually in urban environments. It’s pointed out that SUVs have a disproportionate climate and environmental impact, as well as contributing to air pollution in cities and towns. But are they right in their analysis? In short, ‘yes’.

SUVs have become extremely popular over recent years, and now represent over 40% of the global car market. This is because they’re often perceived as being status-symbols and as offering additional safety due to their height and bulk. If SUV drivers represented a nation, however, they’d rank sixth for harmful emissions. This also means that they’re significant contributors to air and particulate pollution which, in urban areas, has been associated with a myriad of health problems and thousands of premature deaths.

The Tyre Extinguishers have argued that there’s little need for SUVs in cities; where roads are narrow and public transport is generally accessible. Their supporters suggest that their actions may make SUVs less attractive, especially in areas where they may have the most noticeable environmental impact. Critics, however, point out that their actions are both illegal and potentially dangerous.

Is your car at Risk? 

So far, the tyre extinguishers have only targeted SUVs. The overwhelming majority of the targeted vehicles were also situated in major cities or large towns. In which case, SUV drivers in suburban or rural communities probably have little to fear. However, it’s worth noting that electric SUVs have also been targeted, as the group still regards them as being environmentally harmful. The group has also emphasised that they don’t target SUVs that appear to be used for industry-specific work that require larger vehicles or anything associated with health or social services. Notably, the group’s website advises activists to target ‘posh, middle-class areas’.

If you own an SUV, or a bulky vehicle, you should take precautions when parking in urban centres; especially if your vehicle is going to be left unattended at night. Try to park somewhere that’s well-lit and secure. This may discourage activists. If the group has been active in your area, it’s also worth checking your vehicle’s tyres before setting out on a journey – for obvious reasons.

Should your vehicle be targeted, the police have asked affected parties to come forward. However, due to the nature of the activism, and how straightforward it is, it’s unlikely that perpetrators will be found unless they’re caught in the act.

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