Tyres: Five Ways You Can Keep Them In A Good Condition

Your car’s tyres are the only things that separates you from the road surface. So, it makes sense to look after them. Here’s how…

Check the Air Pressures

The air pressure in your car’s tyres can have a considerable effect on things like braking, handling, steering and even your fuel economy. Too much, or too little, can drastically increase the rate at which they wear, too; leading to a blowout in the worst case scenario.

Check your owner’s manual for the correct air pressures your tyres should have, and check to ensure they’re at the right levels once every two weeks or so.

Inspect for Damage or Wear

You should inspect your tyres for any signs of wear or damage on a regular basis. In particular, look for signs of cuts or bulges. Also, have a look for any foreign objects that may have lodged themselves in your tyre. Whilst some damage may look relatively minor, it can quickly worsen if it’s overlooked or neglected. Always get a professional to take a look if you’re in any doubt.

Keep on Top of Tread

Your tyres need a good amount of tread in order to provide you with grip. It’s especially important when road surfaces are slippery. In the UK, the legal minimum is 1.6 mm of tread but you should ideally stay well above this. An easy way of checking whether your tyres are road-legal is the ’20p test’. Simply place a 20p coin in a main groove on your tyre and, if the outer band disappears, you’re 1.6mm or above.

Watch the Kerb and for Potholes

Continually striking potholes and the kerb is a sure way of damaging your car’s tyres, and other parts and components. Keep an eye open on the road and try to avoid potholes when it’s safe to do so. When parking, approach the kerb slowly and consider using your side mirror to avoid striking it.

Don’t Overload your Vehicle 

Overloading your vehicle places extra strain on your car’s tyres which, in turn, increases the amount of wear they’ll face. Check your owner’s guide for your vehicle’s maximum carrying capacity and stick to it. Try to avoid storing vehicles in your vehicle if you’re not using them, too.

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