Use A Dashcam To Save Up To 30% On Your Car Insurance

You could make massive savings on your car insurance if you install a dashcam in your car, at least according to one company…

Save On Car Insurance With A Dashcam

Nextbase, a dashcam giant, believes that drivers can save up to 30% on their car insurance simply by installing one of the cameras. It’s so confident that at least 50% of drivers can make the savings that it’s setting up its own insurance company. Coverage will start from £200, with at least a third of customers paying less than £250 for fully comprehensive cover. Naturally, drivers will be required to install a Nextbase dashcam in order to benefit from the cost-busting premiums.

The reduced costs will be made possible via reduced time in administering pay-outs and, hopefully, improved driving standards. The company claims that nearly seven out of ten drivers perform better on the roads when they’ve got a dashcam. A separate study also indicated that drivers are 58% less likely to tailgate and 54% less likely to speed.

Rewarding Good Drivers 

Richard Browning, sales and marketing director at Nextbase, said that the company was striving to make the roads a safer place. He said, “purchasing a dashcam can be extremely beneficial for drivers when it comes to incident cover, safety, and emergency help. But we want to go that step further and make sure customers are rewarded for being sensible, safe drivers”. He added, “Nextbase Insurance is the next step in making sure every customer is a responsible driver; and that we are doing everything we can to keep Britain’s roads safe”.

Regardless of whether the company’s offer proves tantalising or not, installing a dashcam can be beneficial. They can speed up insurance claims and cover you from blame in non-fault accidents. Autoserve Club members can get their hands on premium dashcams, for less, via our ‘Offers’ page.

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