Vast Majority of EV Drivers Won’t Go Back To Petrol Or Diesel

A survey has revealed that the vast majority of British electric car drivers won’t consider going back to petrol or diesel models…

Sticking with the EV

New research has revealed that the vast majority of EV drivers would never consider going back to ICE models. A survey conducted by WhatCar?, which included 563 drivers, determined that as many as nine in ten will be sticking with electric models.

More specifically, 65% would never go back for environmental reasons. Some 62% said that, because battery technology keeps improving, it wouldn’t make sense to revert to ICE vehicles. An additional 56% said they’d stick with an EV due to cheaper running costs. Over half of the respondents also said that EVs are easier to drive than their diesel and petrol counterparts.

Just 10% said they were considering reverting back – and most (51%) attributed this to issues with range. Some 20% said they wanted a cheaper vehicle and 15% (perhaps somewhat hopefully) said they thought diesel and petrol will become more sustainable in the future.

‘Growing in Popularity’ 

Rachael Prasher, managing director of What Car?, commented on the survey’s results. She said, “with new electric and plug-in models arriving in showrooms nearly every month, it’s no surprise to see electric vehicles growing in popularity. The vast majority of electric owners no longer seeing themselves owning a petrol or diesel car in the future is a testament to the quality and capability of modern electric cars on sale today”.

She added, “as the average range of a new electric car improves over time, it’s likely the share of electric car owners wanting a petrol or diesel car in the future will only diminish”.

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