Volvo Has Launched A Subscription Service In The UK

Today, we subscribe to music, TV and even food services. So why should cars be any different? Volvo doesn’t think they should be, which is why it’s launched a subscription service in the UK…

‘Care By Volvo’

Following a series of successful regional trials, Volvo will be offering its ‘Care by Volvo’ subscription service in the UK. Spanning its full range of cars, the monthly subscription payment covers the car, servicing, tyres, roadside assistance, tax, road fund payments and 10GB of in-car WiFi per month. Payments will start from £599 and no deposit is required. Insurance can also be included, with a 30-day trial being available. Customers can sign up to the scheme online, visit a dealership or simply have the vehicle delivered to them directly.

Conor Horne, Care by Volvo’s UK boss, said the service was built to be “transparent, convenient and flexible”. He added, “it is a great way for people to access the car they want, avoiding the complexities and the long-term commitments associated with traditional car ownership”. In the trial version of the scheme, subscribers could swap their cars for a brief period. This option, however, has been dropped due to limited demand. Horne believes Care by Volvo customers will be new to the brand and that the service won’t affect finance offers. He explained, “the Amazon Kindle didn’t kill the book, it just complemented that market”.

Subscribing To Cars

Given that Care By Volvo’s prices start at £599, few people will consider it to be an accessible service. Indeed, you might wonder who the service is aimed at; given that wealthier motorists would, you’d think, have garages full of pricey wheels. Horne, however, believes up to 5% of Volvo’s UK sales will be through the offer. Interest in other countries has already exceeded expectations.

Some of this may be explained by the coronavirus pandemic. Kristian Elvefors, Volvo UK boss, has noted a shift to digital car platforms. He said, “what we’ve done in terms of actions to tackle the coronavirus has essentially been two years’ worth of digital development in just eight weeks. Despite the lockdown, we decided not to furlough many of our staff to make sure that we could keep a lot of people working on new developments that would help us keep customers interested and really help when it was time to restart”.

In other words, then, people will pay more in order to avoid being tied down to lengthier financial responsibilities.

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