VW’s ID.3 Gets Top Marks During Euro NCAP Safety Tests

Volkswagen’s flagship, all-electric ID.3 model has managed to secure impressive top marks during rigorous Euro NCAP safety tests…

ID.3 Impresses Euro NCAP 

Euro NCAP is, for all means and purposes, the car safety authority in Europe. Whilst its tests are strictly voluntary, practically every automaker willingly sacrifices models to be crushed, crashed and scrutinised; all in the hopes of bagging a prestigious five-star safety review. The tests are notoriously difficult, regularly being made harder as technology and engineering methods improve. So, executives at Volkswagen are undoubtedly delighted that the all-electric ID.3 has managed to secure the maximum five-star rating.

Testers at Euro NCAP noted that it passed tests “with merit”, scoring well in all tested areas. For instance, it achieved an 87% score for adult occupants, 89% for child occupants and 71% for vulnerable road-users. In addition, it scored 88% for its safety assistance systems. In particular, the organisation noted the ID.3’s “robust” structural integrity. Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP’s secretary general, said the results proved electric cars are safe options for motorists. He said, “Euro NCAP will continue to ensure that saving the planet doesn’t come at the cost of safety, and I’m glad to see that the ID 3 doesn’t compromise in this regard”.

Tougher Standards 

Whilst Volkswagen’s had a rough few years to say the least, it’s excelled on the safety front. Only last year, the latest version of the Golf managed to secure a maximum safety rating, too. But the ID.3’s score was always going to be critical. It’s the first of many ‘ID’ models VW plans to roll-out. It expects the hatchback to become, in the long-term, as iconic as the Beetle and Golf Models. So a reputation for safety was, and is, crucial.

VW’s latest safety record is even more impressive when we consider Euro NCAP’s testing methods. It’s fundamental view is that car safety is constantly evolving. As a consequence, it continually expects more and more from the vehicles it tests. A car that secured a five-star rating a few years ago, if unchanged, would be lucky to bag two-stars today. Many, in fact, fall short in that they fail to include the latest on-board safety features, such as automatic braking or lane-keeping assist. Remarkably, then, an unofficial testing body has succeeded in essentially forcing car manufacturers to innovate in terms of safety; meaning fewer accidents, injuries and deaths on Europe’s various road networks.

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