Want To Reduce Your Motoring Costs? Change Your Driving Styles

Research suggests that many Brits are changing their driving styles in order to cut back on costs. Here’s how they’re doing it…

Lightening the Load

The heavier your car is, the harder the engine will have to work in order to get it moving. This means it’ll burn through fuel at a faster rate which, given current prices, is a sure way to waste money. If something doesn’t need to be in your car, remove it; it’s needless weight.

Watching their Speed

Travelling at excessive speeds is a sure way to develop a bad fuel economy. Naturally, drivers should never speed under any circumstances; speed limits exist for a reason. However, it’s also important to remember that speed limits are just that – limits and not goals. Trying to keep to a reasonable and steady pace.

Braking Gently 

Sharp and excessive braking will not only wear away at important parts and components, it’ll also increase fuel consumption. The best drivers actually brake the least, because they keep to an appropriate speed and remain aware of what’s ahead of them.

Keeping Windows Up 

We’re nearly at the end of summer, but it’s likely drivers will face warm temperatures for a while longer yet. However, It’s important to avoid driving around with your car’s windows open. When they’re open, drag will significantly increase and this means your engine will have to work harder. It’s not too bad at relatively low speeds, up to around 30mph; anything higher will have a noticeable effect on your wallet.

Early Gear Changes

The secret to a good fuel economy is to make gear changes as soon as possible, with the smallest amount of acceleration. In which case, it makes sense to get into a habit of always driving in the highest gear possible (assuming it’s safe to do so).

Maintenance Checks 

One of the best ways to reduce your motoring costs is to keep on top of servicing and maintenance. As well as regular trips to garages, you should always carry out some basic checks yourself. Do your tyres have enough tread depth and the right air pressures? How are your car’s fluid levels? Regular checks will help to identify small problems before they become big ones; and ensure everything works efficiently.

Avoiding Premium Fuel 

Premium fuel is usually marketed as being more economical than other varieties. Some even claim to have a cleaning effect on a car’s engine. The reality is, however, that the vast majority of cars are unlikely to benefit. Those that are are usually high-performance vehicles, the sort the average person is unlikely to ever own. Save your money.

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