What Do People Need To Know About Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles combine the benefits of both gasoline-powered engines and electric motors, offering improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and a smoother driving experience.

What is a hybrid vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle is an automobile that utilizes a combination of an internal combustion engine (typically gasoline-powered) and an electric motor. The electric motor is powered by a battery pack that can be charged by regenerative braking or by the internal combustion engine itself. These two power sources can work both together or individually, depending on the driving conditions, to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

The types of hybrid vehicles.

Mild Hybrids

A mild hybrid system doesn’t propel the vehicle on electric power alone. When driving a hybrid vehicle it is generally using the combustion engine however, the electric motor is used as a support system when accelerating, helping to save fuel and reduce CO2. Mild hybrids also use both fuel types, helping you reduce CO2 without any manual input or plug-in charging.

Plug in Hybrid 

Also known as PHEV’s (plug in hybrid vehicles), these vehicles use both a combustion engine and electric motor. They usually have a longer lasting battery than other hybrids and can operate for longer distances on electric power alone before switching to an internal combustion engine.

Full Hybrid

Also known as a parallel hybrid, these vehicles have both a combustion engine and electric motor, automatically switching between the both to power the vehicle. Full hybrid vehicles primary use the combustion engine. However, the electric power is used when slowing down and stopping to help conserve fuel. Like a mild hybrid, full hybrids don’t require being plugged in.

What are the benefits of hybrid vehicles?

  1. Increased Fuel Efficiency – Hybrid vehicles are designed to optimise fuel consumption. By utilizing both the electric motor and internal combustion engine, they achieve higher miles per gallon and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
  2. Reduced Emissions – The electric motor in hybrid vehicles produce zero emissions when operating solely on electric power. Even when the internal combustion is active, the overall emissions are significantly lower resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.
  3. Regenerative Braking – Hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking which is a feature that helps maximise energy and the vehicles battery life.

Hybrid vehicles are representing a significant step towards sustainability, offering improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and an overall smoother driving experience.

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