What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck In Ice or Snow

With the UK being struck by arctic blasts, now’s the time for drivers to think about how to deal with snow and ice on the road network…

Be Prepared for Snow 

Before we discuss what to do if your car gets stuck in ice or snow, it’s important to stress the importance of preparation. The UK faces long and cold winters, and every year breakdown companies are inundated with callouts which could have been avoided.

At the start of each winter, pack your car with a few essential items. These include a shovel, torch and blankets. You’ll also want an ice-scraper, warm clothing and some basic provisions. If you’ve found that you benefit from using tyre socks or chains, keep them in your vehicle.

What to do when you’re Stuck 

If you find that your car has become stuck, either before setting off on a journey or during it, there’s a few basic steps you can take. First of all, don’t panic and make any sudden movements of the steering wheel; avoid the temptation to spin the wheels. Instead, secure your vehicle and put on the breaks (and the hazard lights, if necessary).

Get out and inspect the situation, see if snow or ice has built up around your vehicle’s tyres. Use a shovel, or the next best thing, to clear away any debris; remembering to check that no snow or ice has gotten into the exhaust, too. If clearing away the snow hasn’t helped, try using some tyre socks if you’ve packed them. Getting everyone out of the car might also make it easier to get free, due to the reduced weight.

You can also try putting some pre-packed mats under your car’s tyres. Push them as far under the tyres as you can – just make sure the engine is turned off whilst you do it. If worst comes to worst, call a breakdown company and wait for assistance. If visibility is poor, make sure your vehicle’s lights are on. Wrap up in warm clothing and blankets, and wait for assistance (leaving your engine on can waste a lot of fuel).

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