Why Having An Annual Service Is Important.

Even though having a yearly MOT on your vehicle is required by law, an annual service is important to make sure your vehicle is kept in the best condition. 

Why you should book your vehicle in for an annual service. 

In order to keep a well maintained vehicle, an annual service is vital. It can seem like an unnecessary cost to some however, it will save you money in the long run. Extending a vehicles lifespan and help it to retain more of it’s value. Technicians will check all of the electrical and mechanical parts as well as carrying out a health check on your vehicle. Health checks include checking crucial parts such as the brakes, suspension and tyres, ensuring they work correctly and allowing any issues to be found and fixed as soon as possible.

How much does a service cost? 

The cost of a service depends on whether you book a Full or Interim service. An interim service, which is beneficial for high mileage drivers, should be done every six months or 6,000 miles on average but it is always best to check on the manufacturers guidelines. Fewer checks and part replacements are taken out. Depending on the car it can cost anywhere between £75 – £125. A Full service has the same checks taken out as an Interim service but with more in-depth analysis. Involving checks and changes on spark plugs, air filters and oil changes. Having a Full service is usually annual or every 12,000 miles costing £150 – £200.

Is a service required if an MOT has been taken out?

An MOT certificate confirms that your vehicle has met all of the legal standards required to drive your car on the road. However, an MOT and service are two different types of tests and the checks carried out on an MOT are not the same as a service. Therefore problems may occur in the long run if a Service isn’t carried out which is why having both tests on your vehicle at the same time will help avoid future problems.

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